Project plan

Partial project topics leading from understanding the initial state, through problem definition and solution design, up to instructions on how to put the solution into practice.


Initial state

Overview of relevant entities and systems in the Czech Republic.
Study of relevant traffic acts (from 1996 and 2000), comparison with use in practice, problem identification.
Overview of systems abroad (USA, Netherlands, Germany, UK).

Solution design

Clarification of key aspects of the final solution.

Solution design/Process optimization

Design of optimized processes.
Traffic law proposal enabling the introduction of optimised processes.
New architecture design.

Solution design/TTM digital model

Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) data model as a representation of the project documentation for implementation of traffic measures.
Design of the eTTM model and format to allow full coverage of the requirements of the approval process.
Design of an orgTTM model and format to allow simplified sharing for simulation of work zone impacts and for traffic information distribution.


Design and partial implementation of the necessary subsystems.

Subsystems/Central Work Zone Registry

Central module, allowing work with eTTM.
Applicants and the possibility to submit an eRequest. Designers and the possibility to enter eTTM.
Interoperability design with systems of the concerned entities and authorities.
Interoperability design with impact simulation systems.
Interoperability design with traffic information distribution systems.

Subsystems/Impact simulation

System for evaluating the work zone impact on traffic.
Input data import from orgTTM.
Providing traffic impact report to the applicant or officer.

Subsystems/Traffic information distribution

A system for further distribution of traffic information.
Import from orgTTM.
Distribution concept using DATEX II.
Ability to publish C-ITS information in the form of DENM messages.


Supporting the implementation of the proposed solution in the field.
Description of the implementation process.
Description of processes in standard operation.

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